Cult of James


The Cult of James initially formed in the mid 1990’s during James’ tenure in High School. The Cult proceeded to follow him ever since. This was due to a cult of personality that developed around James and his knowledge of everything and his peculiar personality. James was known as the go-to guy for nearly everything.

  • Need someone to work additional hours? James
  • Need to know how to QnQ this customers traffic properly across several vendor types? James
  • Need a random fact about an obscure idea? James
  • Need a maintenance ran at 2 AM? James
  • Need to know how to perform traffic engineering or other odd network protocols, including iperfing directly in a cisco switch, or how to math out the ip to decimal for determining which physical interface in a bundle a packet is traversing based on source and destination ips? James
  • Need help with your vehicle maintenance? James
  • Need help with installing an appliance big or small? James
  • Need help with your plumbing? James
  • Need help with your gas lines? James
  • Need help with electrical work? James but he’d rather you call a professional as electricity terrifies him
  • Need to know a specific quote from a random movie? James
  • Need a marriage performed? James
  • Need funeral rites performed? James
  • Need any other religious ceremonies? James
  • Need James? James
  • Tsali? James
  • Padré? James
  • James? James

Eventually James came to be known by many various pseudonyms:

  • Washipedia // Washapedia
  • All Knowing
  • Mister James
  • That Dude
  • Satan (Because I wore a red jacket one time in 1992, thanks Mike)
  • Reverend
  • Father
  • Padré
  • DUDE!

Having been a recognized, and at one time a bonded, Minister of the Universal Life Church since 1995, James honed in on the Reverend and Padré monikers as he felt those best spoke to his skill-sets and faith. The earliest known usage of Reverend Washington was circa Christmas 1999 when he officiated a wedding between some friends of his and used this name signing the certificate. Eventually James felt closer to the Padré title and began using this in the mid 2000’s.

Rarely does James use these titles as he never wishes to have special treatment or to be looked upon for being too serious of a religious role-model, primarily due to his typical lack of belief in a higher power beyond ones self. However, if you so wish to join the Cult of James as a Culturalist, I will build out a page for that purpose soon.

Muy mucho amoré
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