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** SITE UPDATE ** Stats Are Missing

I am aware of stats for every month missing currently and the Year To Date being slightly inaccurate. LMPD had changed how they’re reporting data at some point during 2021 and I haven’t had an opportunity to go back through and figure out the new format for their records. I hadn’t seen any official documentation or publications about changes to the data, which is typical for the City of Louisville and LMPD to not tell it’s citizens of changes they’re implementing. Updates will come in the next 2 weeks hopefully to rectify this, thanks for your patience.


The blocks I’m using do not show up in the preview post options, and I don’t see any obvious reasons why they wouldn’t. I may look to see if I can instead make static pages and embed those into the post that’ll poll the api data daily like the blocks currently do.

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Testing Ground

Gonna use this as a testing ground for some things I’ve been asked to build out if possible, so expect some inconsistencies whilst I figure out some stuff and put it all together 🙂


Looks like it’s time for the bi-annual purge of the site due to a database crash. Thanks LG&E. I really need to get a UPS so I can safely shut this server down lol.