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E-Town biking trails

Well whale will… I discovered today there are a lot of good areas to ride my bike around Elizabethtown Kentucky during my lunch break. There’s also much more food options available for me here than there were at my old job. In Louisville, where I worked, I would’ve needed an hour to ride my bike anywhere and still wouldn’t get back in time. Heck, it would take me 30 minutes to drive, get something and come back and then I’d have to sit at my desk eating on the clock due to 30 minute lunch breaks. Even a walk to McDonalds would take 20-23 minutes.

Now? Now I work in E-Town and a 10 minute bike ride puts me past no less than 20 different places I can grab a bite. Even Downtown Louisville had more versatile food options than where I used to work in the eastern part of Jefferson County. This is one of the many plights of office buildings in suburbia, no food, no culture, no sights or sounds upon which to enjoy the town.

In the 15 years I worked in that office building, the only changes that took place to improve the area was to close Applebees, re-open as Shoney’s for 2 months then convert it into a Mexican joint named Guaca-Mole (WHICH IS FABULOUS!)

There was an ill-kept “walking trail” behind our office building, of which I watched no less than 100 drug deals take place at all hours of the day and night. Beyond that, the beautification of the area consisted of removing forested areas to build more office buildings so another company can put their name in giant letters on the top of the building facing the main thoroughfare for all to see.

Back to my main point, biking, the below route is one I think I’ll take within the next few weeks once I get it tuned back up and it cools down a bit outside. Biking in October with it being 3 degrees shy of 100 is no fun, coming from personal experiences. Then I’ll start rolling through various streets and hoods and learn this new city where I’m employed at a street level of confidence. There are at least another 25 nearby trails I’m eyeing now.

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