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That one time I was a juror

This is a quick post, more to come later when I have time after training at my new job. I promise to be as detailed as possible based on my recollections of the trial itself.

I will add here, that I did NOT do any research into this matter in any capacity during my tenure as a Juror, nor did I know any of the witnesses, defendants, attorneys or others involved in this case. All information I am providing is from my experience with the trial itself now that we have been dismissed, or my research into it post dismissal.

I served from August 23rd at 10:30 AM ET until September 19th at 9:15 PM ET, 2019.

The case # was 14-CR-000114-002

  • Court: Jefferson Circuit Court Division Two
  • Event: Trial Defendant: Mitchell, Eugene
  • Case Number: 14CR0114
  • Presiding Judge: Annie O’Connell
  • Prosecutors: Kristi L. Gray; Milja Zgonjanin (Commonwealth)
  • Defense: Jennifer Porter; Angela (Angie) Elleman; Michael J. Ferraraccio ( Kentucky Public Defenders Office,  Louisville)
  • Counts Statute Description
    • 1 KRS 510.070(1)(a), 502.020 SODOMY IN THE FIRST DEGREE (COMPLICITY)
    • 1 KRS 510.040(1)(a)(2), 502.020 RAPE IN THE FIRST DEGREE (COMPLICITY)
    • 1 KRS 507.020, 502.020 MURDER (COMPLICITY)   

This is a link to a 2014 WDRB Article about the suspects/crime. 

2018 WDRB Article about evidence in the case causing a halt in the death penalty trial previously.

We ultimately found the defendant in our case, Eugene Mitchel, Not Guilty. The other defendant the commonwealth is prosecuting; Guy Marcus Allen, will be tried at a later date and was not involved on this case other than evidence presented wherein both suspects had a common factor/goal/timeline.

Jefferson County Judicial Center

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